The beauty of Time is in the eye of the one that sees it, captures it and shares it.

                                          Alba Zara World is a good friend with Time.

             We have a close relationship and we want to share this special bond with you.

                                         Time has some demands though... memories!

               So at Alba Zara World, we are offering you some memories to keep forever.

           Our artistic portraitures  are made with love and dedication, we work with you

         closely and we create a World of Dream and Beauty,  a just reflection of your soul

                Your timeless  memories  will belong to you  by means of the Digital Cloud,

after a day of a photo shoot with relaxation, clothes changes, cosmetic and hair endearment. 

                                     Do you want to know more about your unique moment?

              The sessions investments  are for the portraits and weddings:   $300 to $3,000

   Those investments not only cover the work and the art of Alba Zara World's  great artists,  

  but also a  variable quantity of High Definition  Digital  or exceptionally  printed  memories

                    Be part of the history of your family and the World. Celebrate your life!  




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